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Wire Rope Socketing Resin - Socket Lock. New improved formula with higher grip properties.
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See Video - Detailed socketing overview and procedures visually describes socketing in great depth.
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Wirop Americas is committed to providing the best possible product solutions, outstanding customer support, detailed information and technical resources. We would like to provide your facility with a socketing procedure poster to help remind you and your coworkers of safe socketing practices, and guidelines to help promote a safer working environment. To obtain your free socketing procedure poster please write or call Wirop Americas...

Socket Lock By Wirop Americas

Socket-Lock | Manufactures mooring and spelter wire rope socket polyester resin. Type Approved by the ABS and DNV standards organizations and static break load tested at Wirop, Socket-Lock socketing resin comes with innovative packaging, pre-measured kits, and the NEW Fast Funnel for fast pouring of the void free wire rope socket resin... a few of the reasons Socket-Lock makes your socketing job easier.

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Product Information:
May 5, 2011
New Socket Lock Brochure with features, procedures, and safety information...
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January 28, 2011
Newly Re-Engineered Socketing Resin "Socket Lock"...
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