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Sea-Fit Inc.

Sea-Fit products - Super Shakles, Mooring Sockets, Safety Anchor Shakles, Wide Jaw Tow Shakles, Socket LockSea-Fit, Inc. was created to develop innovative products of the highest quality to meet the growing demands of the lifting and mooring industry. With direct input from knowledgeable, experienced rigging shops and field operators, Sea-Fit is developing an extensive line of heavy-lift and offshore mooring products dedicated to increase material traceability and quality for niche, hard-to-locate items.

Material traceability, quality, innovation and inventory are the core of Sea-Fit's commitment to its customers; accordingly, Sea-Fit has implemented solutions to solve the problems customers were facing. Material traceability is no longer a hassle with Sea-Fit’s RFID and Sea-Cert online certification system. Designed to be easily accessible anywhere and online 24 hours a day, this certificate retrieval system will increase efficiency for everyone involved. Quality is achieved by partnering with well-respected and experienced manufacturers such as The Ulven Companies, and ITW Polymer Technologies who share Sea-Fit’s goals of innovative and quality products. Industry wide inventory levels have not been able to keep up with the substantial growth of the lifting and mooring industry, which forced lead times and product availability to become unfavorable; therefore, Sea-Fit is committed to substantial inventory levels with a focus on customer service.

Socket Lock’s development has followed the same path as Sea-Fit's other quality products. Input from end users, and extensive lab and field testing has made Socket Lock the easiest and most efficient socketing resin to work with today. Innovative packaging, pre measured kits, and the fast funnel are just a few of the reasons end-users will find that Socket-Lock makes their job easier.

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Product Information:
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January 28, 2011
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